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Blaqua is a unique brand that designs and creates immaculately beautiful, tailored menswear. Our clothing is designed in the UK by Debbie Jeffery (the creative ideas lady at Blaqua). It is then printed and made in Italy, near Lake Como. The range of Blaqua cufflinks are designed by Debbie too.

The cornerstone on which our reputation has been built are our bold, beautiful patterned and floral limited-edition shirts. Created with no more than 25 of each design, our shirt collections are ever-changing and always evolving. In addition to our designs, it's the impeccable quality, detailing and finish of our menswear that sets us apart.

Blaqua shop iterations

Blaqua was founded by Simon Green and Debbie Jeffery in 2007. We initially traded from a small shop in Forest Hill South London. From there we opened two further pop-up shops in Soho and in The Kings Road Chelsea.

Blaqua now trades online and by appointment. Bespoke appointments can be made at a showroom in Saville Row or in the comfort of a Private members club in Soho.

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Debbie JefferyDebbie Jeffery is a jewellery graduate of Central St Martins in London. She started the business that was to become Blaqua by designing and making men’s cufflinks.

These cufflinks were sold to well-known brands and retailers throughout the UK, including Paul Smith. Debbie also designed accessories and jewellery for Alexander McQueen and The Royal Palaces.


Simon GreenSimon Green's life experiences include having a Degree in Philosophy, being a Royal Navy Officer and working for Sales and PR in the fashion industry. Not unexpectedly, Simon has a lifelong love of good clothes.

"Inspiration comes from within at Blaqua. We have never been concerned with trends or the activities of other brands and frequently avoid looking at those we most admire."

Simon and Debbie have been partners since 1982 and have three children.

The Design Secrets Of A Blaqua Shirt

Known for its bold, beautiful pattern and perfectly judged fit, the Blaqua shirt is more than a staple wardrobe piece. It is the ‘must have’ for any man shaping their own unique statement of style. From our limited-edition collection with no more than 25 of each design, to our bespoke one-off pieces, a combination of tested knowledge and instinctive flair goes into creating each Blaqua shirt.

Each Blaqua shirt is individually boxed and gift wrapped to order.

So, what makes a shirt truly Blaqua?

Simply, it’s in every aspect of the design – and the way it all comes together. From the fine cut and select choices in detailing to the quality of the cloth our unique patterns are printed on. Below are some of the classic Blaqua shirt design features to look out for.


We use only the highest quality OEKO-TEX standard produced cotton for each Blaqua shirt. The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is an independent testing and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate and end products, at all stages of production. Essentially, this means that the cotton we use is grown, harvested and woven to meet an internationally recognised standard, which exceeds existing national legislation, and includes testing for harmful substances.


By harnessing computer-aided technology for accuracy, we both minimise waste and ensure fantastic pattern matching. Both of these factors are particularly relevant for us, as we use a great deal more cloth to ensure that each one of our shirts is pattern matched to perfection. This technique is essential to the achieving the iconic appearance of a Blaqua printed shirt.


Our shirts are constructed by our trusted partner in Italy, a highly experienced and expert manufacturer. With a history of creating shirts for luxury brands since 1972, our partner understands our vision for a unique combination of timeless, classic shirt detail combined with Blaqua’s own influences from Britain and Italy.


    Slim darts create a defined waisted shape (which avoids that puffy shirt appearance) and proves very flattering for most body sizes.
    While traditionally a split yoke achieves a well-formed shoulder, we favour the western yoke for its great fit. Additionally, this yoke gives precedence to the bold graphic print of our shirts.
    Buttons are selected to add colour detail to our print shirts, either tonally or as a contrast, depending on the design. Equally, we similarly select the colour of the button thread to create another point of detail, visible on the collar band and gauntlet.
    A fly front ensures that the unique pattern of our shirts is unbroken and uncompromised. By concealing the buttons, we achieve a consistent and beautifully pattern matched appearance to the front of our shirts.
    The double button stand gives height to the collar and presence to the look of the shirt, particularly when worn under a jacket.
    The button under collar ensures that the collar stays in position under a jacket and avoids the ugliness of a collar slipped beneath a lapel. What’s more, it eliminates the need for a visible button, as you would find on a standard button down shirt which has a very casual appearance. (Equally, as the Blaqua shirt is generally worn open at the neck, both the double-button collar stand and the button under collar provide elegance and ensure that the collar remains where it should.)
    With twin needle side seams, we create a very high stitch count to offer strength and stability. Additionally, buttons are sewn with a lock stitch to ensure they do not fall off.
    Double cuffs are traditionally the mark of a formal shirt. What’s more, they demand to be worn with cufflinks, which is a look we love. Two buttons on the sleeve gauntlet and mitred double cuffs (which we prefer to the square cut double cuff) make our shirts ideal for formal occasions. While the double button gauntlet strongly emphasises details such as button selection, thread choice and button holes. In our mind, it also creates more balance in relation to the length of the gauntlet. Now, why not pair with your own Blaqua cufflinks? (insert link to shop for cufflinks)
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